Is your dog...

...not quite what you'd hoped?


pulling on leash

jumping on people



having accidents in the house

growling or biting

lunging on leash

not coming when called

Your dog is capable of more.

We'll help them get there. 

Who we are

Work with Jill Hassevoort, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

What We Do

Private, personalized training available when you need it, exactly what you need it for.


A free resource full of tips and ideas for you and your dog.


inside your dog.

What people are saying:

— Katie & Peach

We loved working with Jill! My rescue dog Peach started working with her at 2 months old and is now a confident/social 1 year old pit/lab mix! We loved how she used positive reinforcement and force free techniques to train. Peach is confident in all environments including; new places, large crowds, lots of children, play dates with dogs (and cats!) and day-to-day home life! We highly recommend training with Jill!